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About Us
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Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing Agency for Startups SMEs in Ottawa Canada

As a top growth marketing agency for startups in Ottawa, we analyze your current marketing funnel and strategy to identify the most cost-effective ways to grow your business.

Digital marketing channels provide scalable acquisition opportunities for businesses who sell to all socio-economic classes online, especially millennials and Gen Z. Our growth marketing approach helps you develop a blueprint to test frequently, learn quickly and adapt effectively to the strategies that get you more awareness, leads or sales.

Why work with a Growth Marketing agency?

Growth marketing uses data gained through marketing campaigns and experimentation to drive growth of your business. We use it to help you anticipate future changes to your market and develop strategies to make constant improvements to stay ahead of the curve. Growth marketing is responsive, and that makes us keep trying new things based on insights from data analytics and feedback from your customers. It is also built around creative problem solving, not random chances or marketing hypotheses that have not been tested.

Struggling to Grow Your Business? Let's Help You Analyze Your Marketing Funnel and Identify Leakages in Your Growth Strategy Today.

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Our Growth Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

This involves email list building tactics or waiting list approach (eg: product launch) whereby early adopters are acquired with incentives to not only test the product but also become advocates across online channels and communities.

Digital PR

We use syndicate content, co-create and distribute with platforms your audiences follow. As a growth marketing strategy, this is driven by audience intelligence from analyzing your traction with brand monitoring and social listening tools.

Referral Marketing

Because people trust the opinions of their cohorts, we deploy referral marketing that provides incentives for prospects to refer like minds to try or buy a client's product. This strategy is great at rapidly growing the user base in a short period.

Influencer Engagement

Partnering with social media influencers introduces our clients to new target audiences. Apart from increasing awareness, we are able to test, tweak, and optimize the offering and campaign on the go.

Benefits of Growth Marketing

With the level of engagement that successful growth marketing strategies bring, you would have on-boarded many brand advocates, opinion leaders and earned media who will continue to talk about your business. This will increase popularity, credibility and trustworthiness among new audiences that may discover your brand in future. 

The icing on the cake for our growth marketing consulting clients is that they get to acquire new users at cheaper cost because the issue of low brand awareness, recognition and trust that constitute barriers to adoption will have been significantly resolved. Also, with existing users referring new users, you will get new warm leads, at possibly zero cost.

People-oriented, data-led growth marketing strategies, like ours, help you know your audience better. Because you must have validated a lot of hypotheses about your ideal customers, why they buy, where they spend the most time online and why they may patronize competitors, you are able to implement personalized product development and marketing campaigns in future.

The height of brand loyalty is ownership, which is a trend that has continued to increase among millennials and younger generations. Growth marketing turns your customers to stakeholders when they see their feedback impact new features, marketing campaigns or future CSR initiatives. This brand ownership leads to repeat purchase which will influence revenue and customer retention.